a year after the debut album inicio i am glad to be producing a pure continuum – album in the footsteps of the tango nuevo. my views about the tango have not changed, i still think that we should be able to continue what astor piazolla started: to namely to bring new influences which will contribute to moving the style on instead of playing the same old pieces over and over. sure, everyone has different roots, very few people could claim to have been raised in an argentinian ghetto. but exactly this is the most interesting point in new music... in the new tango... everyone brings his own individual influences, be they classical, jazz, pop or other elements. if every musician could “work” in this way, how rich, interesting and beautiful would the tango be today!

vueltas starts in the underground of berlin. i hear these sounds everyday and suddenly i found them quite interesting. out of the underground to the seaside... most of the summers of my childhood i spent in côte atlantique . i could say i know every tree and house there. these four tangos are partly ideas i had right there and partly some melancholic thoughts i got afterwards in berlin finishing the piece. les enfants du paradis is an hommage to the masterpiece of marcel carnet. i've enjoyed this film six times already and i will watch it probably twelve times more. vuelta is a compressed associative, aleatoric piece, which is deeply connected to the oscillator – rustle of an analog synthisyzer from the 70s. this rustle is one of the most interesting and exciting electronic sounds i've ever listened to. the big tango is probably known from inicio, for vueltas i' ve changed a very few things while remixing it.

hope you will enjoy the next adventure of continuum!

Wolfgang Zamastil

Cover artwork: Jonas Geise



  1. Intro
  2. Frèderic*
  3. -6. Côte Atlantique
Four Tangos
  7. Lacenaire*


  9. Baptiste & Garance* 11. Natalie*  
  10. Un Haz de Suenos Rotos (2003) 12. Fine*  
13. Modo (Epilog)  

* from "Les Enfants du Paradis" for Vcl Solo (2004)

all music written by wolfgang zamastil
sample recording and mixing of “intro” by wolfgang zamastil
oscillator - rustle in “vuelta” by david hausdorf and wolfgang zamastil
wolfgang zamastil: cello
silke lange: akkordeon
niko resa: piano
stephan bleier: bass
Louisa Barry: voice

2,6,8,9 & 12, 3,4,5,7 & 11 recorded & mixed in audiocue studios berlin, march 2004
produced by wolfgang zamastil & rené mayr, audio engineering & mixing by rainer robben
1 recorded & mixed in zamlough studios berlin, march 2004
10 recorded in ppa studios berlin, may 2003
remixed in audiocue studios berlin, march 2004

thanx to
the band: niko, silke & stephan... :-); my family; rené mayr, stephan leuschner; david hausdorf; wolfgang danzmayr; jonas geise; karoline klein; alex reynolds, jens – peter mainz; sybille penkert; rainer robben (audiocue) & everyone who is open to new music and gives honest criticism.

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