Project - Kinderstücke

Kinderstücke ? Meine Träume
Jana Stefanek: Dance; Wolfgang Zamastil: Cello (composer); Birgitta Zamastil: Violin; David Danzmayr: Piano
Veronika Steinbach: Organisation

This project is one of Zamastils most recent and is intended to make contemporary music as interesting as possible for children. It will be brought to full realization at the beginning of the year 2004.
The six pieces ?für die kinder? composed by Wolfgang Zamastil will be performed live with musicians, while children of a primary shcool in Salzburg will perform a choreography designed by Jana Stefanek specifically for the pieces.

- Program: Presentation of the Instruments Cello, piano, violin for the pupils.
- Different groups of pupils will work on the choreography of the specific musical scenes.
- Parallell to this the pupils will create props and scenery (texts, dias, films, sticks, stones etc...) inspired by the music.