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Live Pasticcio presented and designed by W. Danzmayr
Brucknerhaus Linz, 9th and 10th of May 2003
Suite for Violoncello Solo - J.S. Bach
Wolfgang Zamastil: Violoncello, Johannes Randolf: Choreographer, xIDA Dance Arts: Dance
Stream - Un Haz (live) DSL (1.92 MB) ISDN (986 KB) Modem (309 KB)

anochesido: of A. Piazollas ?The rough dancer and the cyclical night ? Tango Apasionado?
   -Street Tango
   -Prelude to the cyclical night
   -Leonora?s Love Theme

Erotic, melancholic, determined to the point of besplatteredness with blood, the tango is a mode of communicating in total open-ness, of crying out, of suffering and yet at the same time of being happy. Piazolla was unique in his capacity to take a music, a culture, an historical era which was characterized in essence by a communication ?from belly to belly? and combine it with his own highly developed compositional abilities in such a manner as to shake the musical world of his day out of its conservative, intellectualistic dreams.
Unfortunately, as is so often the case among artists attempting something new, this took a long time to be recognized. It was only years after Piazolla`s death that the tango boom took off and renowned musicians both of classical and of jazz formation began to become enthusiastic about this music.
Suddenly, Piazolla began to be heard on every street corner ; his work became ?new meat? for the record companies, who brought out countless new arrangements, so that one could now hear this composer arranged for bass tuba or melodica. Most of those involved in this new Piazolla industry, however, have forgotten the one essential thing ? or worse, have never known it : who wants to play the tango has really to ?crawl into? this music, to ?suck it up?, to work through every single note in such a way as to be able really to act as a ?mediator? of this musical culture.

Of simply wandering into a music shop and picking up an arrangement which some guy has one day made of or ?after? a Piazolla piece ? of this there can and should be no question. Rather, one must actually open one`s ears and one`s heart to the unique sound of the bandoneon, must listen to this instrument and how it breathes, chases and saws. Only then has one a hope of writing the music down and of passing it on effectively to other musicians and to the public. We have, it must be remembered, to do here with a music which once fled our culture and which has only much later, in the form of a completely independent culture, returned to us.

"The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night" is, for me, the Piazolla album which is richest and most profound in its musical content. With intellectual and theoretical cliches it has nothing at all to do ; rather, it gives itself up, in all its beauty and sadness, to the tango and nothing but the tango.

continuum: Wolfgang Zamastil "Un Haz de Sueños Rotos", Instrumentalfassung.

My contribution to the short-lived tango boom of the 90`s and afterward.
I find it absolutely intolerable that classical and likewise jazz musicians have been, for years now, exchanging tired cliches and going through the motions of performing the great tangueros ? all without ever really having engaged with this music at all. Names like Discepolo, Cadicamo and above all the nowadays more or less unanimously praised Piazolla. These people are, I suppose, just bored with having had to play all their lives again and again the same old pieces. This, though, I call egotism....?musical cosmopolitans?...don`t make me laugh.

Sadly, the tango nuevo has been, for some time now, anything but nuevo. Perhaps it would be a good idea to try granting the great compositional innovators the recognition they deserve during their own lifetime instead of denying this to them while they`re with us and then, once they`re dead, spending decades celebrating them as exciting new discoveries. If this were the case, the culture of the tango would be much more developed and this music would have a future into which people could accompany it instead of its leaving them far behind. Something which would have, besides, another positive result : the generally deplorably low level of musical culture would be somewhat raised.

All that I have said here, I know, remains imprisoned in the realm of the ?would that it were...? If I were just a dreamer and no more, though, I would lose myself in dreams and not make the attempt actually to intervene and creatively contribute. ?Get off your ass and do something?, to borrow a phrase from these militant environmentalists whom we meet on every street corner. And there`s an end on it.